• Pierre Etienne Banville
    Actuarial Services and Risk Management

Actuarial Evidence for Litigation Support

Optima Risk Consulting provides expert actuarial evidence in litigation cases involving personal injury, fatality, marriage breakdown, wrongful dismissal, etc. We combine the use of probability and statistics, compound interest, life contingencies, and finance and risk theory to calculate the present value….Read More

Actuarial Project Support

Optima Risk Consulting provides project support to insurance companies and actuarial consulting firms ensuring projects are finalized in a timely matter. We understand that internal resources may not always be sufficient to perform all the current projects in periods of high volume or that you may want to take on new projects without permanently increasing the size of your internal team…..Read More.

Risk Management Solutions

Optima Risk Consulting risk management solutions enable microfinance institutions and social enterprises to grow while staying true to their social objectives. In addition, implementing risk management solutions will ensure the financial viability of your organization, minimize adverse shocks to your business’ bottom line, and allow your business to maintain its current funding sources…Read More.