Actuarial Evidence for Litigation Support


Optima Risk Consulting provides expert actuarial evidence in litigation cases involving personal injury, fatality, marriage breakdown, wrongful dismissal, etc. We combine the use of probability and statistics, compound interest, life contingencies, and finance and risk theory to calculate the present value of streams of payments associated with uncertain future events in complex cases.

Actuarial Expert Reports

Optima Risk Consulting can provide both plaintiff and defense counsel with actuarial expert reports as well as an expert witness testimony in the following areas:

  • Marriage breakdown valuation of pension plan benefits;
  • Determination of loss of income and cost of future care due to injury, including gross-up for tax and management fees;
  • Calculation of loss of support due to accidental death;
  • Calculation of interest rates in alleged cases of criminal interest rates;
  • Determination of loss of income including loss of post-retirement benefits in wrongful dismissal cases; and
  • Valuation of a life interest in an estate.

In addition to being experts at performing present value calculations involving life contingencies, our actuarial background allow us to efficiently handle cases involving special issues, such as reduced life expectancy and complex post-retirement benefits.

Our expert reports will always be impartial and meant to assist the court in its decisions. In addition, we can prepare basic or comprehensive reports that are customized to specifically meet your needs and the needs of the case. We will work closely with you on all cases to ensure all bases are covered and the data necessary to prepare our reports is complete and accurate.

We understand litigation is very time sensitive and will provide you with easy to understand reports in a timely matter that will allow you to move efficiently with the rest of your litigation process. We will also not hesitate to act as an expert witness in court should you require us to do so.