Actuarial Project Support


Actuarial Project Support

Actuarial Project Support For Insurance Companies and Actuarial Consulting Firms

Optima Risk Consulting provides project support to insurance companies and actuarial consulting firms ensuring projects are finalized in a timely matter.

We understand that internal resources may not always be sufficient to perform all the current projects in periods of high volume or that you may want to take on new projects without permanently increasing the size of your internal team. Optima Risk Consulting allows you to alleviate the pressure of your internal team while ensuring that your quality standards remain unchanged. We therefore allow you to expend your business by providing more services to your existing clients or by expending your client base without the additional fixed overhead commitment. With expertise providing design, governance, funding and investment recommendations to defined benefit and defined contribution pension plan sponsors, we can easily complement a team of defined benefit or defined contribution pension plan consultants or investment consultants for specific mandates.

Technical Actuarial Consulting Skills

In addition, Optima Risk Consulting can also perform independent projects either for your clients or for internal use purposes necessitating specialized technical actuarial skills, such as:

  • Asset/liability modeling;
  • Elaboration of investment strategies to mitigate risks (interest rate risk, inflation risk, liquidity risk, etc.) from an asset liability management framework;
  • Preparation of experience studies to review the reliability of assumptions, such as mortality rates and withdrawal rates;
  • Preparation of actuarial valuations for single employer, multi-employer and supplemental defined benefit pension plans;
  • Preparation and revision of governance material to assist defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans sponsors, such as Plan Texts, Statements of Investment Policies and Procedures, Funding Policies and Terms of Reference; and
  • Elaboration of complex Excel-based tools (for projections of assets and liabilities, automatization of processes, etc.).

Optima Risk Consulting can provide these services through independent consulting mandates or short-term contracts. In both cases, we can assist you remotely or on-site depending on the needs of the projects.